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Maybe your hobby or side hustle has turned into a serious, successful business, or maybe you’ve been wildly successful for a while… either way, it’s time to upgrade your images so the rest of the world can see just how incredible you are!

The right photos are your key to growing and scaling. You can’t just tell people who you are and what you do – you have to show them. 

The photos you use – on your website, in your marketing, and on social media – are a reflection of your brand, so you need images that are as vibrant, unique, and powerful as your business.

At Focused Creative, we take your vision and run with it… creating strategic photos and a corresponding marketing plan that show off the unique brilliance of your business and tell your story the way only you can tell it! 

Are you ready to catapult your business to the next level with bold brand photos and a standout marketing plan?

Let’s work together to implement your vision and step into your next level of success

Stay focused, 

Get Creative

We’re Different On Purpose

At FCP, we believe that every business is unique. Your photos should be bold, different, and strategically designed to showcase your vibrance in the market. You won’t find cookie cutter stock images or overused locations for your niche around here. You will stand out with a truly custom experience that highlights you, your brand and your purpose.



"Kylie was able to capture my brand perfectly. She took time to get to know my brand, ask questions and help with outfit choices. My previous photos were great but did not match my brand. Now I have a gallery of photos that I can use on my website and social media. As a social media strategist, I love that Kylie gave social media ready photos as well as high resolution. It makes social media posts so much easier! Highly recommend!"

You’re in the right place.

the expertise

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Looking for scroll-stopping brand images and professional marketing assets?

The Focused Creative Difference

Our inspiration is

You know who you are, what you do, and why it matters. 

We’re here to create totally unique, so you images that show the rest of the world exactly what you can do.

You don’t need another pretty photo of you sipping coffee at your desk. You need images that reflect your business’s mission, vision, and purpose while highlighting you – the face behind your brand! 

You deserve a brand photo shoot that’s 100% customized for your business. 

No one else can do what you do… and we make sure everyone can clearly see the difference in how you serve your clients, solve their problems, and change their lives.

Your vision is our priority.


No two businesses are the same. So your brand photo session shouldn’t feel or look like anyone else’s!

You’ve grown, becoming a bigger, better business – and we want your images to match the high-quality of your brand!

At FCP, we give you the strategy, intention, and collective creative power you need to truly stand out, show off your unique brand, and sell.

Together, we can elevate your brand!

Here’s the thing…

Stand out images for 




Bold, vibrant, so you images that stop the scroll and show off your unique skills, values, and purpose

✓ Maximum ROI – every image is taken with a specific marketing purpose in mind

✓ Elevated visual marketing that sets you apart and attracts your target audience

✓ Access to an entire team of creative professionals focused on giving your business exactly what you need – before and after your photo shoot

✓ The personal attention and connection you deserve

✓ More money and time freedom thanks to your custom marketing assets and strategy

You’re a professional who’s ready to grow, and we’re here to help you stand out and shine with:

Book a Discovery Call

Click below to find a convenient time for us to chat. We’ll dig into your business goals, branding, and answer all your questions!

So how does this whole process work?

Get excited! It’s all easy, efficient, and effective.


Secure Your Date

Once your date is selected, you will be connected with a stylist, hair and makeup artist, and other creative partners as needed!

Pre-Shoot Planning

We use this time to discuss all the details – everything from wardrobe to inspiration boards to props - involved in your shoot. These decisions are all made with your unique brand, audience, and goals in mind. 

Photoshoot Day

This is the best part! We follow our strategic timeline to make sure we get in every perfect shot – creating the images you need for a standout brand. Having your creative team onsite makes this easy & breezy.

Marketing Asset Delivery

We put our editing skills to work, curating a vault of bold, on-brand images that will elevate your marketing and showcase your business. Easily downloaded on your phone or computer, your marketing images are ready to get to work – bringing in your dream clients, making all those sales, and giving you valuable time back in your day.






The best brand photos are

(That’s what we do best… it’s in our name!)

The creative direction and strategy of your photo session is what will make or break your images – that’s why we take this part of the process seriously.

You’ll have our hands-on help, insight, and advice on:

The location is a huge part of the vibe and overall tone of your photos. A bright and airy brand will require a very different location than a bold, direct brand. We’ll help you identify the tone you want and suggest appropriate venues. and several outfit changes, while still getting every shot you want. 


Details matter! Your props are the way you communicate your personal interests, values, and hobbies. They also reinforce your brand colors and style. Not sure where to start? We’ll help you curate a perfect selection!


Not only do we physically pose you – yes, we’re talking rearranging your arms and tilting your shoulders – we also help you create a shot list of all different images you want to capture. We are strategic about planning images that are perfect for all of your marketing and social media needs.


Your time is precious, and we are all about efficiency. A strategic timeline allows us to fit in more than one location


Creative and Focused. 

That’s why we are passionate about helping you show your potential clients who you are, what you do, and why it matters. They want to see your face and personality!

This is so much more than a headshot or iPhone snap. 

These photos show off your story, help you connect with your clients, and elevate your brand. (They also save you tons of time and energy when it comes to social media and traditional marketing!)

Together, we can bring your bold vision to life with vibrant, unique images no one else has! 

At the end of the day, people buy from people. 

You’ve got a vault of brand images you love… but what happens now?

A successful marketing campaign isn’t just about having the right images. 
It’s about using them like a pro! 

These talented creatives make sure you’re set up for success before your photo shoot, and afterwards, they are here to implement your marketing strategy. Let our team show you how to update your website, enhance your social media marketing, and put your images to work across all platforms! 

It’s hard to dress for the camera while feeling like you’re reflecting your brand and yourself. Let one of our talented stylists do the work for you! We highly recommend having your stylist on site during your shoot so they can keep you looking fresh, polished, and perfectly accessorized.

Prepping for Your Shoot

Professional hair and makeup is essential. You’ll feel more confident and save the stress that comes with getting yourself ready while making sure your photos look flawless. 

Hair and Makeup Artist


Don’t let your gorgeous, on-brand images go to waste! Working with a designer is the best way to make sure your brand is cohesive across platforms, your website reflects your visual message, and your investment delivers the best return.

Putting Your Marketing Assets to Work

If you’ve been around for .2 seconds, you know how important video is in today’s marketing world. Pro level move? Hiring a videographer to come capture behind-the-scenes and b-roll footage of your brand shoot. You can also work with your videographer to capture video marketing assets on site.


Brand + Website Designer

You’ve got the scroll-stopping images, now you need to make sure you’re using them well. A social media manager will create a targeted content plan and help you get the most out of your new photos.

Social Media Manager

Your visual messaging is so you… but does your written messaging match? A professional copywriter will take all of the strategy and intention we’ve built into your marketing campaign and write the words to match the elevated image we’ve created for your business. 




photoshoot day!

This is the best part! We've planned, strategized and done the work. Your clothes are freshly steamed, hair and makeup on point, props loaded in the car and the champagne is ready to pop! HERE WE GO - let's make some magic!


You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Let’s work together to bring your vision to life with next-level brand photos.