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About FCP

Focused Creative Photography equips entrepreneurs and CEOs with the creative direction, strategic brand photos and marketing strategy they need to succeed. Pretty pictures alone won’t attract your target audience or make massive sales. That’s why we’re here. We give you the strategy, intention, and collective creative power you need to truly stand out, show off your unique brand, and sell. Every photo shoot is specifically tailored and customized to your business’s needs, personality, vibe, and goals… it’s the only way to get those bold, vibrant, unique images that set you apart from the competition. We’re honored to partner with growing brands and thriving businesses, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy the Focused Creative Experience.

- albert einstein

“Creativity is intelligence

 having fun.”

Hi, I’m Kylie – the Owner and Creative Director at Focused Creative. I’m a third-generation entrepreneur who started my career as a wildly successful (but overworked and unfulfilled) event planner before opening the doors to FCP in 2020. What began as a family and portrait photography studio quickly transformed into the intentional, strategic brand photography and full-service marketing solution we are today. 

After helping hundreds of businesses tell their story and elevate their brand, I know exactly what it takes to stand out from the competition and attract those ideal clients. I love that I get to put my strategy skills and my bold creativity to work for our clients every day, and I am honored to bring in a team of talented creatives with their own specific talents to deliver a full-service, comprehensive branding experience alongside me. This truly is a dream job, and I’m thrilled you’re here. 

Meet Kylie

FCP Owner + Creative Director

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My favorite restaurant in DFW…

Union Bear

Mi Cocina

Velvet Taco


Personality Filled Images - showcasing your joy, passion and purpose behind what you do is what will set you apart in your industry


Location Matters. The backdrop to your photos helps tell the story of your brand. Picking the right location is crucial to the success of your campaign.



Variety is Key. Brand photos mean more than just a pretty smile in photos - it’s telling a story that gets your audience engaged. Shot list variety helps your photos feel fresh and unique. 



Brand Essentials

Things that make for a great marketing photo

photos taken
each year


Locations Rented


Happy Business Owners


cups of coffee per day



What we are known for

✓ Vibrant and true to life images

✓ A unique creative process that captures your brand's essence every time

✓ A Strategic approach to marketing photography

✓ Hyping up our clients in every session

✓ Always being ready to dance it out

We believe your brand should be as unique as you are

We believe a customized brand photo experience is the only way to go

We believe small business owners can reach big business goals

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